Thursday, November 14, 2013

Editorial Services Now Include Mentoring

Writing is a very lonely profession. Even if you are a husband or wife with four kids, two dogs, and a cat, you can feel the pangs of isolation as you wrestle with your craft.

You may find friends and family members don't have the tools necessary to help you create a professional manuscript or discuss where possible publishing avenues might be. It is rather rare to have a spouse, parent, or child who truly wants to share your every angst, every agonizing decision over which point of view you should use or how long your book should be.

Don't destroy friendships by prattling on about the craft of your work in progress. Talk to a professional who has been there and is still there. Having a mentor, someone who can show you the ropes, is often a productive experience on both sides. Understanding what is  normal in the business, who might be best to approach about a project, how to write an outline, or even going over notes from an editorial service in more detail are all ideas that a phone conversation with a mentor can cover.

Why talk to Sèphera?

Sèphera Girón has been a full time working writer and editor for over twenty years. Her first love is writing horror fiction but over the years, has been published in a variety of genres under several pen names. She has developed a passion for editing other writers' work as well. She has worked with professional authors for traditional publishing houses to fledging authors who are self-publishing.

Sèphera's first horror novel, Eternal Sunset, came out in 2000, followed quickly by horror novel, House of Pain (Leisure, 2001) and non-fiction book, House Magic: The Good Witch's Guide to Bringing Grace to Your Space by Ariana (Conari/ Red Wheel/Weiser, 2001)  Over the years, she's had over twenty books with traditional publishers and over a dozen more with indie presses. In 2014, she will have two horror novellas, Captured Souls and Flesh Failure published by Samhain Publishing. She will also appear in several anthologies including Axes of Evil.

Sèphera has edited over six hundred manuscripts in pretty much every genre. She has written articles, stories, blogs, magazines, poems, screenplays, video boxes, movie reviews, ad copy, theatre programs, dance programs, brochures, and more.

Sèphera has attended World Horror, HWA Bram Stoker Weekend, Necon, Ad Astra, Eeriecon, and others over the years. She would be happy to discuss con stories such as what to expect and some of her own experiences.

For nearly twenty years, Sèphera has been the Canadian/Ontario/Toronto Chapter Head of the Horror Writers Association. She holds monthly meetings, and helps to organize the events where HWA has a presence in Toronto such as Fan Expo/Festival of Fear, Word on the Street, World Fantasy, Ad Astra and others. She has received the Silver Hammer Award for her volunteer efforts. This year the HWA Toronto Chapter will be holding workshops and readings as well.

Talking about experiences or critiquing a manuscript over the phone can sometimes be a great enhancement to revisions and notes. When you book your editing package, you can add on a Skype call for a reduced rate. You don't need to reserve a Skype call when you book your package unless that's what you want. You are able to book a Skype call at the reduced rate anytime after your full payment for your editorial package up until thirty days after your final editorial revisions were returned.

Sèphera is friendly and talkative. Have your questions ready and learn some of the tips from the pros.

Fees for Skype Calls

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Welcome to Scarlett Editorial Services

Welcome to our new blog.

Scarlett Publishing Editorial Services is here to help writers of all skills and professions. From student to professional author, everyone needs help with editing.

Even the most brilliant writer may not be able to edit his or her own work. This is because writers are too close to what they write. Their brain often tricks them into seeing what they think should be on the page instead of really seeing what is on the page.

Sometimes time can help a writer edit. If you're not a on a tight deadline, try putting your piece away for a month and then revisit it. You'll be amazed at what you'll see when your work is fresh. From finding too many commas to shifting povs to sentence fragments, errors may pop out at you easier when you've had time away from your project. You may find plot inconsistencies and even places where you've changed tenses.

Some writers will never see their errors. And there's no harm in that either, however, it's up to the writer to present the best work possible. Sometimes well-meaning friends and family don't have the editorial skills to help you more than telling you if the story makes sense.

An editor can help a writer in many different ways. An editor can perform a simple proofread which is simply reading the story and taking notes on obvious errors such as a missing period or an additional letter and so on.

Editors can also help shape the plot and pace of the story by giving notes on where the drama lags and where the story should begin and end.

Sometimes writers don't punctuate dialogue correctly. Writing and punctuating dialogue correctly can be a difficult task for a novice and even for the seasoned pro. There are many rules and nuances that an editor can utilize to make your piece shine.

Almost any form of writing can use the help of an editor. Scarlett Editorial Services will accept clients who need editorial help from letter writing to blog posts to book manuscripts. Scarlett Editorial Services can help you with basic e-book formatting as well.

Questions are always welcome. Contact us today to discuss your project!

Scarlett Editorial Services